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<Agreement on the Collection and Use of Personal Information >

We collect your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act as follows.I'd like to use it.
A collection of personal informationthe purpose of use
- Obtaining Information for Product Quotation

Items of personal information collected
- Name, mobile phone number, company name, e-mail

Period of retention and use of personal information
- Keep your personal information until you are requested to delete it and withdraw it.I use it.
- However, the following information is retained for the period specified for the following reasons

1. Reasons for information retention according to the company's internal policy

-Records of personal information deletion and membership withdrawal applications
 Reason for preservation: Prevent fraudulent use
 Retention period: 2 years from the date of membership withdrawal
 Retention item: ID, name, first digit of resident registration number, email

2. Reasons for information retention under relevant statutes

If it is necessary to preserve it under the provisions of relevant statutes, such as the Consumer Protection Act, the company shall keep the membership information for a certain period of time as prescribed by the relevant statutes. In such cases, the company uses the information it keeps for the purpose of storage only, and the retention period is as follows.

- Records of consumer complaints or dispute handling
 Reason for Preservation: Consumer Protection Act
 Preservation Period: 3 Years

- a record of one's identity
 Reasons for preservation: Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
 Retention period: 6 months

- website visit record
 Reason for Preservation: Communications Secrets Protection Act
 Retention period: 3 months

※ Collect minimal information for consultation on information consent.It will be used, and if you refuse this agreement, it may not be possible to provide normal services such as service use and counseling.
Do you agree to collect and use personal information?
  Agree to collect and use personal information

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